Can A Person Get Rid Of Bed Bugs By Elimanting Their Diet?

Once bed bugs make it into a home they can be hard to eradicate. They reproduce quickly and a single female can produce 500 eggs at once. Even just one single female brought into a home, could mean full on infestation. Preventing bed bugs through eliminating their diet alone is not a solution. These pesky bugs can live up to a year without food. So, before a person throws out their mattress and heads out to buy new sheets, there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration.

Whether a mattress should be thrown out once it is know that bed bugs exist depends on a few factors. If the mattress is fairly new without holes it may be worth salvaging. If holes or tears are present then these little critters have made home inside the mattress and will be very hard to kill. Certain insecticides can be used, but caution must be taken, when working with insecticides. These chemicals can be extremely dangerous to humans and animals, if not used properly. Plastic mattress cover casings are one of the most preferred options, but they must be left on for a least a year to ensure these bugs are dead.

Getting rid of the dust will help to clear away the bed bugs’ diet. Bed bugs not only feast on humans and animals, but also dead skin cells. All type of item made of cloth or fabric should be removed from the room and boiled in water. All other items in the room should be thoroughly dusted and cleaned. Nothing can be over looked. All base boards and heaters should be vacuumed. Once this is complete the vacuum bag should be removed from the vacuum and placed in a sealed plastic bag and taken out of the house immediately.

Killing bed bugs takes a lot more than just removing their diet. Special care must be taken with mattress and other items within the home. All areas of the home need special cleaning treatment to make sure these bugs are gone. Bed bug infestation may seem overwhelming, but if they are not treated correctly, will wreck havoc on any home.

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