Different Ways Of Killing Bed Mites

Bed mites create problems even in the most hygienic of all homes. And then, killing bed mites becomes a complicated job. People use different methods but not all of them work well enough. Here are a few ways which will help you in killing bed mites. You can always try ways of your own first but if they do not work, then ask people who have gone through this problem and have succeeded in killing bed mites.

You will be astonished to know that there can be about 1,000,000 bed mites in an average sized carpet. You should also know that bed mites do not survive below a relative humidity of 50 percent. This indicates that they do not like to live in places which are dry. Hence keeping your rugs and beds dry all the time and not getting keeping any wet clothing etc. on them is an important step towards keeping bed mites away.

There are three main ways of killing bed mites

The best of them are the natural ways which are not only effective but also non toxic. These methods are not at all harmful for you, others around you and also for the environment. There are natural and non-toxic sprays that are available for killing bed mites. Some ordinary substances like borax powder and a few organic plants too can successfully kill bed mites without causing any harm. You can even make your own bed mite killer or repellant by reading through procedures available on the internet.

There are other simple methods of killing bed mites which do not require any chemical substances, natural products etc. The most common among them is washing all the linen in hot water above 130 degrees. Keeping the mattresses and rugs in the sun for a few hours also kills them. Sometimes freezing also helps. But you will have to wash it after that as residue after the mites are dead is also allergic.

The last and the most toxic method is using chemicals such as benzyl benzoate and other aracacides to kill them. This method is very effective but is not always recommended due to its toxicity.

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