Getting Rid Of Scabies

Scabies is caused by a parasitic mite called Sarcoptes scabiei. This mite borough under the skin causing intense itching. Small blister like bumps appear and once scratched, infection can occur. This usually creates crusty sores on the skin. Scabies is usually passed from person to person contact. It is important to treat everyone in the household whether they have symptoms or not. Scabies need a warm-blooded host to survive. They cannot survive more than 48 hours on their own.

Methods for Killing Scabies in Your Home

If you or anyone in your family is infected, you will want to clean your home thoroughly. There is not a spray treatment for killing scabies on furniture. You must vacuum your entire home and furniture. Scabies will not survive unless they have a host. Wash all clothes and bedding immediately. For clothing that cannot be washed, simply place them in an airtight bag for at least three days. This will kill scabies.

Methods for Killing Scabies in Your Skin

Scabies boroughs deep under the skin. There are several home remedies available, however, these are generally not recommended, as they are not 100 percent effective. You should immediately seek medical attention to obtain a prescription, which will be effective in killing scabies. You should obtain enough of the prescription medication to treat your family. The medication should be used by everyone in the household.

Notifying Everyone You Came in Contact

A scabies infection has little to do with your personal hygiene. Many people are embarrassed when they have a scabies infection. It is important to advise everyone you have come in contact with, that you were infected with scabies. This will allow them to seek treatment immediately for a possible infection. This is the only effective way to prevent the scabies from infecting more people.

A scabies infection may not show symptoms for two to six weeks after becoming infected. This allows the mite to spread quickly. The infection will be accompanied by intense itching, which will result in crusty sores. If you experience intense itching, you should seek medical attention immediately to prevent the infection from becoming worse.

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