Getting Rid Of Ticks Naturally

It is fairly easy to get rid of ticks in a natural way using ingredients that do not include pesticides. This can bring about a large amount of peace to families with pets and small children. Also, most of the remedies will make the property and home smell nice.

For a home infestation use a lot of salt. Pour a thin layer on furniture, medium layer on hard floors such as linoleum and wood, and a thick layer on carpets. Leave it for about ten hours and then vacuum. Another method suggests leaving it for up to six days though this may be a bit too much to handle.

For the garden and yard there are much easier methods that are less invasive. Purchase garlic juice. It is potent and it may require the use of a mask if the scent is overpowering. Spray this on all the plants and grass. It can be sprayed on patios, windows, trees and hanging plants such as flowers and vines too. This is not harmful to any of the vegetables that may be growing in the garden or the grass. It will not run off any of the nice animals that you may see in the mornings such as deer or rabbits. However, the ticks will be able to detect this even after it rains and will steer clear of the entire place.

Another natural and sweet way to rid the place, including the inside of the house, of ticks is with rosemary oil, oil of wintergreen or peppermint oil. All of these, mixed or individually will do the same thing. They are safe to spray on plants and will not harm the garden, flowering shrubs or trees. The scent is great for the air and they are also reported to help with water stains on some driveways and walls.

None of the natural ingredients that are mentioned here will send away butterflies, necessary bees that pollinate the garden to produce your vegetables or fruits and will not harm the pets or small children even if they ingest the grass after it is sprayed. With these options the whole yard and house will smell nice too and there will be no ticks all season.

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