How To Get Rid Scabies?

Your whole body is itching. You can do nothing you cannot even think. All you want is getting rid scabies. Scabies is an infection that is caused by a parasite called mite. It has eight legs and it is about 0, 3 millimeters long. It is a parasite not an insect. It can be transferred from a person to a person via clothes and linens. It can live only 36 hours once it is detached from the host. The first symptom of the scabies is itching, which is usually worse at night. The parasite is spread all around the world. There are several ways for treating them.

First of all you and all the people that are surrounding you and especially your sex partner must take a hot bath and wash their clothes and linens with hot water.

The treatment can go through applying anti-parasitic qualities, for example permethrin. The cream must be applied on the whole body without the face. After twenty-four hours the cream must be washed off with warm water. The therapy goes for seven days. Another alternative option of treatment is the usage of lindane. It is a lotion which must be also applied on the body and washed off after eight hours. When the medication is absorbed by the skin, it may cause allergy reaction or spasm. This product cannot be used if there is other skin disease, rash or after bath. In addition, linden cannot be applied to pregnant and to children under two years. Lindane is prescribed for people who cannot stand on another form of treatment or when the other therapeutic procedures are not effective.

Ivermectin is an effective oral medication with the help of which the usage of cream and lotion is not necessary. The medication is taken once as a one time dose, 200 micrograms for a kilogram body weight. The therapy must be repeated after two weeks. The disadvantage of ivermectie is that it may causer toxically secondary effects.

Getting rid scabies is not easy work. It is a very obstinate disease. You must hold to the instructions of the doctor, otherwise you will go on fighting with the disease for a long time.

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