How To Know You Have A Bedbug Infestation

The nasty Bed Bug, or Cimex lectulariushas, has once again returned, and has hit Americans by storm. The creepy little insect, thought to have been an eradicated pest at one time, finds comfort in our beds the same as we do. A potential bed bug problem is sometimes a difficult identification process, but the nasty little bug helps you solve this troublesome mystery, with a few simple mattress tips!

So, you have noticed bunches of little red bumps on your body while showering, right after you wake up in the morning and fear that the blood sucking Bed Bug has feasted on you during the night hours. This may be a good indicator of a Bed Bug problem, but you cannot depend only on the suspected bites in determining a Bed bug infestation, as many things in the environment could be the cause of them. You must first examine yourself before bedtime for any marks that may be visible, when determining the cause of the red marks. Check for new marks in the morning hours when you awake. They very well could be Bed bug bites if there are new marks in the morning.

So now, you are thinking about calling a professional bedbug exterminator because now you really think you have Bed Bugs. Do not go and spend all of your cash on one yet though, first you need to thoroughly search your bedrooms and of course, under the mattress, to find the pesky little critters. You may have noticed while searching that you cannot find them. Bed bugs are nearly impossible to locate by sight and are very sneaky, so the traces that they leave behind are the most reliable method, and anything that it eats! Bed bugs leave feces in the places they live or occupy, which may leave a rusty brown speckling on your beds and box springs. A damp rag taken to the fabric can easily help you identify these rusty speckles as the fecal matter of the filthy little parasite. Calling the exterminator wouldn’t be such a bad idea now but take note, the modern day Bed bug has become immune to several pest control chemicals and isn’t as easily gotten rid of as it’s ancestors.

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