Protection for Bed Bugs & Dust Mites, Better Than A New Bed. As an allergy sufferer, I have also been tormented by Beg Bugs and have been using ELF for Bed Bugs non-toxic spray for over a year now to safely eliminate a once, out of control Bed Bug infestation. When I discovered that ELF now provides a comprehensive line of Sleep Safe bedding encasements, I decided to instead protect my old comfortable mattress, box springs, and all four of my favorite pillows. Now everything looks and feels brand new! The locking zipper system and luxurious materials control not only nasty Bed Bugs, but Dust Mites, too.

Good enough. Bought this less than a month ago and we’re still in the process of elimination whether the bites we get are from Bed Bugs, fleas, or other forms of insects. But having this to protect our mattress is a good start. We bought the queen but the fit is a little loose. It’s fine though. At least we don’t have a hard time putting it in or getting it off. Easy to clean and you won’t feel like you’re sleeping on paper.

Affordable, effective solutions. Although I was quite distressed to have to purchase these products at all(downstairs neighbor had bedbugs),I was relieved to find these bedding encasements (mattress, boxspring and 2 pillows) that were much more reasonably priced than others I had browsed online and in big box stores. When my exterminator saw my set of encasements, he commented on how adequate they seemed and approved of them. They fit my pillow-top queen bed well, provide additional comfort and protection and I’m pleased to report that the situation has been satisfactorily resolved. Highly recommend!

Features :

  • Breathable, cotton-like comfort fabric, Soft, ultrafine, protection barrier for Bed Bugs, Dust Mites;
  • Only pure clean air gets through. Extremely durable microfiliment fabric with NEW double lock zipper;
  • Wash & Dry Unlimited , 10-Year Warranty, Only AIR gets through the microscopic fiber pores;
  • Sleep-Safe ZipCover protects you from Bed Bug infestation, Dust Mites, Insects, Parasites, Allergens.

Safely Shield your Sleep from: Bed Bug infestation, Dust Mites, Insects, Parasites, and Allergens. Nothing but pure AIR gets through the microscopic fiber pores and locked zippers on our bed encasement products. – For Years, Eco Living Friendly has been selling green, natural, non-toxic products that SAFELY eliminate Bed Bugs, Lice, Mites, Dust Mites and many other bugs that cause problems for people and effects personal health and well being. Sleep-Safe is our new line. Made and Warranted in America Because we manufacture the encasings in our Georgia plant, we can control quality and offer return privileges on defective or mis-shipped products. For best protection, remember to encase all of the pillows, mattresses and box springs on your bed and use ELF for Bugs Spray to eliminate any insects naturally. – Sleep-Safe ZipCovers for mattresses, pillows and box spring encasings provide the first line of defense against these unhealthy intruders and we offer a variety of comfortable choices for nearly all bed sizes and depths.

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