The pillow for a comfortable sleep during pregnancy

Nine months full of hopes and projects: for mothers expecting a baby, the period of pregnancy is particularly intense and full of emotions, but it is also tiring. Choose the best pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers. The continuous physical transformations and the weight of the growing baby are the main reasons why expectant mothers often feel sleepy and feel the need for a little rest. Finding the right position is, however, a challenge, especially when the belly starts to grow. Experts recommend lying on the left side.

But it may not be enough: for this we recommend the purchase of a pillow created especially for pregnancy,  but also useful for those suffering from pain due to arthritis, sciatica or gastric reflux. There are many types on the market, different in shape and materials used for the padding. Here are the ones we recommend:

QUEEN ROSE U Shaped Cushion

U-shaped pillows are probably the models that provide the best support. On the Queen Rosa pillow, the head is placed on the central portion of the U, letting the two padded “arms” wrap around the rest of the body. The hypoallergenic cotton cover is removable and washable and is available in 4 sizes and different colors.

Koala Babycare

The Koala Babycare product is a multifunctional pregnancy pillow, ideal both for resting during pregnancy and for the first months of the baby’s life as, thanks to the practical safety laces, the shapes, and functions of K Hugs vary depending on the different needs (it can be used as a pillow to rest at night, but also as a bumper for the baby in the cot and in many other ways). The cotton pillowcase is removable with a practical concealed zip.

Merrymama Pregnancy pillow stuffed with organic spelled husks

The pillow with an elongated shape by Merrymama has a biological filling in spelled husk: it is a natural filling, which enjoys natural anti-mite, breathable and thermoregulatory properties, which is why it is ideal for those with sensitive skin or tends to sweat during the night’s rest. Precisely because it is natural, we recommend exposing the pillow to fresh air on a regular basis. Machine washable cotton lining. Available in 6 different colors.

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