What are bed bugs remedies?

Bed Bugs are one of the most undesirable by-products of purchasing new furniture or taking a trip somewhere. Stunned? Well in our luggage where they comfortably hide, takes them to different places. The corners of furniture are their favorite hide-out as well. Bed Bugs are always on the look out for food, which is the blood of all warm blooded animals including human beings. All bed buds eject blood and inserts their saliva into our bodies. The host on whom the bed bug feeds is prone to allergies, anxiety, irritation and under dire cases even asthma or plague due to the pathogens present in the saliva. There are many Bed Bugs bites pictures found on the internet where you will have a clear view of the kind of bites inflected on the host’s body. There are many Bed Bugs remedies to fight against these bugs.

In the internet and on magazines you will find many articles dedicated to Bed Bugs bites pictures. Their bites are quite similar to mosquito bites. These are usually itchy, red and bumpy welts that are left behind after the bites. Interestingly, you do not feel anything when they are feeding on you as its saliva contains anesthetics, which tends to make the host numb. Bed Bugs bites pictures show that the bites are generally in series or rows. The presence of blood or bed bug feces can be also seen in Bed Bugs bites pictures.

There are plenty of Bed Bugs remedies. You can hire a pest control company to deal with your bug problem. They charge you a fee in exchange for a clean bug-free solution. Alternatively, alcohol can be rubbed or sprayed on the areas when bugs thrive; though it is not the best solution but it still kills a considerable number of bugs. There are various fruit and vegetable based Bed Bugs remedies such as canola oil, which kills bugs and is also safe to use. A variety of sprays are available in the market. The chemical spray is quite effective on adult Bed Bugs but is best avoided for its chemical constituents. Dry steam sprays can be used instead, which applies dry steam at high pressure and temperature to kill the bugs quickly. Steam sprays can be used everywhere from carpets to mattresses, which is not true in the case of chemical sprays. Common Bed Bugs remedies also include regular vacuuming of your apartments, sun drying your mattresses, bed clothes and linens that would kill many Bed Bugs. After your laundry if the clothes are dried at high temperatures of 140 to 180 degree Celsius, it provides an effective procedure for getting rid of bugs. One can also use the vinyl or cotton mattress and pillow covers available in the market to keep away from the stubborn Bed Bugs; the tightly worn covers do not let the Bed Bugs bite you.

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