Where Do Bedbugs Lay Their Eggs?

The number of eggs laid by the bed bug determines the rate of invasion. A bed bug ridden mattress full of its eggs implies hundred’s of Bed Bugs are everywhere laying eggs, and they are being hatched daily

But if we destroy the Bed Bugs, the eggs of Bed Bugs also should be destroyed. If you leave the eggs unharmed, they can hatch and grow into either a male or female bed bug which can produce a thousand eggs. If there are more than a thousand female Bed Bugs there in your house, you will not know further how many eggs Bed Bugs can lay.

Eggs of Bed Bugs can be identified easily. They look like termite eggs. However unlike eggs of termites, bed bug eggs live near ruddy russet stains and have an unpleasant, sweet-like stench, actually a bit stale. The reddish dark stain is excrement or Bed Bugs faecus. Bed Bugs alone have this type of excrement arrangement. However, the odor of bed bug comes from the odor gland of the Bed Bugs. They discharge the aroma for breeding and it also works as a protective boundary.

Eggs of Bed Bugs must not be squashed or mashed. Bed bug eggs must be destroyed by using insecticides. When you crush bed bug eggs, several eggs might not be crushed and they have another opportunity to procreate some more generations of Bed Bugs at your place.

Discover the finest spray to kill insects. Specifically use those meant for Bed Bugs eradication. On using the chemical spray for Bed Bugs, eggs and nymphs will be killed along with the adults. Though countless say that such chemicals to kill Bed Bugs are ineffective to free your home from Bed Bugs, nevertheless they are the best substitute to physical extermination of Bed Bugs (pounding and mashing of adult and egg Bed Bugs to spots) and the greatest replacement for DDT. In the US, DDT was used to kill every sort of insect from the year 1940 to 1950. While DDT was successful in doing away with pests, it is now prohibited in the US and some other countries due to its injurious effect on humans.

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