Who wants bed bugs solution?

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You woke up in the morning. And you see little black spots crawling in you beds, pillows or cushions. On further inspection. you discover small blood spot on your mattress cover.

You might be wondering. What is going on.

Well, the truth is that you might have Bed Bugs.

Calling an exterminator is expensive. Here are simple ideas you might want to try for getting rid of these critters.

Dust protected material are covers can be used to cover your pillows and mattress. This will prevent them from breeding in the “bedding fiber”. You must check to make sure that it is sealed properly or it will not work.

Make a habit to change the cover and bedsheets weekly. And if it possible wash them in hot water.

If you have a rug. Run it through hot steam weekly.

Move your bed away from the wall. Do a general inspection of your room. Look out for cracks and crevices. Seal them up. This are great hiding places.

If you found an infested area. Use a stiff brush for scrubbing. This will dislodge the eggs from the surface.

Use a powerful vacuum cleaner to suck the bugs out of the mattress pillow, crack and crevices in the wall.

you can use insecticides as well. But for safety reasons you need to follow the instructions as stated on the product.

Use disinfection solution whenever you clean the room. Pay extra attention on the corners and hard to reach areas.

Do a little bit of research work on these critters. You do not have to go into details. But a general understanding of them. Thing like their life cycle. Hiding places. This will help in dealing with the problem.

If you like to find out more, you can visit bedbugscentral for more information.

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